Here is some of my photos i have taken and i hope you enjoy them.

Monday, 23 August 2010


Here is my bro's dog Bruce and just like my Bailey he is full of energy and if he had his way he would play not stop all day!
Most people that see him walking around the village take one look at him and think that he is a viscous beast, but they don't get to see the kind, soft and loving side to him that we get to see. I mean just look at him in this picture with his big smile on his face all tucked in for his afternoon nap.


Here is a picture of my dog Bailey. It's coming up to his first birthday soon and i somehow don't think him getting older is going to make him any less playful but love him just the way he is!


Here is another picture in my garden of a wasp, the photo was taken 23/08/2010.

My First Photo

Here is my first photo taken 22/08/2010 in my back garden.